Math Help and Where to Look for it. What alternatives do Parents Have?

Math Means Different Things at Different Levels

When we talk Math, it means addition and subtraction for a kid in nursery while for a kid in grade II, it goes ahead and means simple problems in multiplication and division in addition to addition and subtraction. This is to show that math becomes tougher than mere number system with each passing year and soon, in middle classes, students face math problems in algebra, simple and compound interest, percentage and profit and loss, fractions and whole numbers, standard deviation and quadratic equations, variables, geometry, statistics etc. Math remains important for a person after passing his school and even college though he is not required to make use of special formulae that are required in passing classes and completing assignments.

You can be the Best Teacher, but You Have Limitations

Whether you are in class 10 or in college, math remains a concern for you as it forms basic principles and concepts in most science subjects. It is only when a student decides to take up humanities in college that he gets away from math. If you are a parent feeling that your child does not find dealing with math problems easy, it is natural for you to be worried and look for ways in which you can arrange math help for him. If you have time and the inclination to clear his doubts and explain concepts, so well and good, but if you think you have forgotten math you studied way back, hiring the services of a tutor may be the only option for you. However, a real tutor has his limitations of time and presence and may not be able to give more than an hour to your child. What this means is that the tutor is not around at night when your kid is trying to complete the assignment given by his teacher. Also, tutors coming to your place to teach your child prove to be quite expensive these days. What then is the option?

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Try the Internet, which has Emerged as the Best Option

If you have never tried internet to get any kind of math help, you are not aware of the potential of internet. People surf the net for entertainment, sending and receiving mails, chatting, shopping and to get information without realizing that internet today has the power to be a great tutor for kids. Though the idea is not a new one, online tutoring sites have become very popular only lately. This is because the experiment that was started a decade ago was not very interactive and the fee to get math help online was way too expensive. Today when a student joins a web portal for math solutions, the help is not restricted to completing his math assignments. In fact, despite students getting their assignments completed online, there is a large number of kids who make better use of online tutorials by logging in at the dead of the night when they face a difficulty while solving problems under a topic in math. He presents his math problem and the site comes up with math solution in a short time, explaining the basic concept behind the problem.

Talk to Them Before Making a Decision

If, as a parent, you are not sure of websites that provide reliable and authentic math help, it is better to get the opinion of friends and relatives in this regard. Reading the terms and conditions of such web portals is also a great idea. Reading the testimonials of real users for the efficacy of such a tutorial site providing math solutions is also a good idea. There are great sites like among others that provide really good free math help, so if you decide for a paid service make sure that you get more than you would get for free somewhere else

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