Z-score to T-score Calculator

Instructions: Use this Z-score to T-score Calculator to transform a z-score into a T-score (this is capital "T"). Please provide the information required below:

Z-score =

How Do You Compute a T-Score?

A T-score (with capital "T"), is a type of normalized score, usually used for test scores, that has a population mean of \(\mu = 50\) and a population standard deviation of \(\sigma = 10\). As with all score normalizations, a z-score is uniquely associated with only T-score.

This unique association between T-scores and z-scores makes us regard them as equivalent scores: This means that although they are different numbers, they represent the same location with respect to their population.

How to Connect Z-scores and T-scores

Mathematically, a T-score is obtained from its corresponding Z-score using the following formula:

\[ T = 50 + 10Z\]

T-Score Example

What is the T-score associated to a z-score of \(Z = 2.5\)? Using the formula above, we find that

\[ T = 50 + 10Z = 50 + 10 \times 2.5 = 75\]

On the other hand, if you want to do is to compute z-scores, you could used our z-score calculator with steps . Also it may be useful for to use our z score area calculator . Please don't hesitate to ask you have a suggestion for a calculator .

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