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Instructions: The following graphical tool creates a box plot on the data you provide in the boxes. You can type one or more samples. Please press '\' to start a new sample.

Type the samples (comma or space separated, press '\' for a new sample)
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More About this Box Plot Maker

What is a boxplot? A box plot is a chart tool used to quickly assess distributional properties of a sample. The so-called box-and-whiskers plot shows a clear indication of the quartiles of a sample as well of whether or not there are outliers.

What is the structure of a box-plot?

There are different conventions, but the most common one indicate that the central box limits are determined by the quartiles \(Q_1\) and \(Q_3\). Inside of the central box there is line that represents the median (which is the same as \(Q_2\)). The whiskers are expressed in different ways, but one of the most common ways set the limit of the upper whisker as \(Q_3 + 1.5 \times IQR\), and the limit of the lower whisker as \(Q_1 - 1.5\times IQR\), where \(IQR\) is the interquartile range, that is defined as: \(IQR = Q_3 - Q_1\)

Is this the same as a Box and Whisker Plot?

Yes, that is right. A box-plot maker is a different name for a box and whisker plot maker. The box part of the name comes obviously from the box that is constructed based on the quartiles, and the whiskers are the lines that represent the distance from quartiles to max/min, except for the case that there are outliers.

Are there any other graph makers of interest?

This box plot generator is only one graphing tool we have available in our website. Among our many graph makers available, you can use a normal graph maker , scatter plot maker or Pareto chart maker , among many others.

Box plot generator in Excel

One of the notorious graphs that is not provided out of the box by Excel is the box-plot, and you cannot do it directly, and you need to conductance manually many actions. Also, not to mention that Excel provides a simplified version of quartile calculation that is not totally accurate.

The advantage of this calculator is that you only need to provide the data into the form (which you can do by pasting the data from Excel, and this solver will show you how the box-plot graph is constructed, step-by-step.

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