Bar Chart Maker with Error Bars

Instructions: Use this bar chart maker to create a bar chart by specifying the categories, the frequencies for each category as well as the lower and upper limits for errors bars that you want to create for each category.

Please type or paste your data on the spreadsheet below. Notice that the frequencies and limits need to be positive

Title for the chart(Optional)

More about this Bar Charts with error bars

Bar charts are very commonly used to represent frequencies associated with different categories, where the height of the bar represents the corresponding frequency.

A bar chart allows to visually compare those bars, to determine a distribution of frequencies, and compare different categories.

Often times, those frequencies are not necessarily exact, and they have a "plus or minus" attached to it, and those are the cases in which you would like to use a bar char with error bars to represent those "plus or minus" values

How do you make a bar graph with error bars?

Although the idea of adding a plus or minus margin to a bar chart seems conceptually trivial, it can be cumbersome to find the way to do it using common statistical softwares.

This is because simply because in most cases there is no simple way to do it, or simply it is an option that is hidden behind a bunch of menus.

With our grapher you can directly and easily create a neat bar chart with error bars by just providing the categories and frequencies (just as what you would do for a regular bar chart), and also providing the lower and upper limits for each category, and you are all set.

How do I make a bar graph online?

If you want to make a regular bar graph online, you can use this one, whereas if you want a bar chart with error bars, this calculator is the one you are looking for. Just simple type in or paste the data required.

There are other types of bar chart related graphs, such as the Pareto chart, that is a kind of bar chart that reorganizes the bars to find you the most important categories.

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