Contingency Table Calculator

Instructions: This Contingency Table Calculator will help you create a contingency table (also known as crosstable) when you have two categorical (ordinal or nominal) variables. Please type the values of the variables in the form below:

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Contingency Table Calculator

The idea of this calculator is that you can take two variables that are ordinal or nominal, and you can create a crosstabulation out of them by analyzing how many combinations occur of each category on each of the two variables.

Contingency tables, AKA crosstabs or crosstabulations are particularly useful when testing for the significance of the association between two categorical variables

In order to test for the significance of such association, you can use the results delivered by this calculator and use our Chi-Square test of independence calculator , which uses a Chi-Square statistic to determine whether or not the sample data provides enough evidence to reject independence.

Measures of Association - Effect size

There are other procedures that allow you to use the information from a contingency table to measure the effect size of the association between two variables. This procedures include Cramer's V , Gamma and Lambda , among other effect size calculators.

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