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More about this Hours to Minutes Calculator

Getting hours converted to minutes is a very commonly used conversion. Sometimes it is just more convenient to use minutes instead of hours.

For example, if you go the bank and someone ask you later how long did you take, say that you were counting the time and noticed that you took exactly 23 minutes.

What do you think you would respond? "I spent 23 minutes at the bank", or would you say "I spent 0.383333333 hours"? I think the the former, right?

We are converting hours to minutes and minutes to seconds all the time, and often times those calculations are seamless, like half an hour is 30 minutes, quarter of an hour is 15 minutes, and 1 hour is 60 minutes.

But the conversion may not be that easy if I asked you how many minutes comes in 0.54 hours, or at least you have likely not memorized that conversion.

How do you find minutes in hours?

You need to start with the basic conversion which is 1 hour = 60 minutes. From there, you need to apply direct proportionality to do the calculation, or to come up with a formula.

This direct proportionality is shown as

\[\displaystyle \frac{1}{60} = \displaystyle \frac{H}{M}\]

where H is the number of hours you want to convert, and M is the corresponding number of minutes.

What is the formula for hours to minutes?

Based on the above proportionality calculation, if we solved for \(M\) we would get \(M = 60 H\) minutes, where H is measured in hours.

So then, we should follow these steps in order to convert H hours into minutes.

Step 1: Identify clearly the number of hours H you want to convert into minutes. Make sure it is measured in hours

Step 2: This is how you change hours into minutes, by using the following formula:

\[ M = 60 H\]

Step 3: When plugging H measured in hours, the outcome is the time measured in minutes, so the constant is not dimensionless, it is actually 60 seconds/minute

How do I convert hours to minutes in Excel?

Excel can definitely aid you do these kinds of conversions. If won't show you the steps like our calculator does, but it can help with the numerical part.

Let's us assume that A1 contains the duration of certain event, measured in hours. Now, in cell B1 you type "=A1*60", which will provide you with the conversion you need.

Hours to minutes

Advantages and disadvantages of using hours versus minutes

  • The unit of time chosen depends on pure practicality
  • Some events are reasonable to be reported in hours, like for example, how long you slept
  • You would likely say "I slept 8 hours", as opposed to saying "I slept 480 minutes", although they represent the same stretch of time
  • The rule of thumb is to choose the time unit that makes the reporting the simplest

Summary: How to go from hours to minutes

Get the number of hours and divide it by 60. Simple.

Example: Conversion of Hours to minutes

Question: Calculate how many minutes are there in 3.45 hours.


We know that there are 60 minutes in one hour, so by direct proportionality there are \(M = 60 H \) minutes in H hours.

Hence, we find that

\[ M = 60 \times 3.45 = 207 \text { minutes}\]

Example 2

Question How many hours are there in 456 minutes?


From the formula \(M = 60 H \) we solve for H as

\[ H = \frac{M}{60} \text { hours}\]

Therefore, since in this case we have that M = 456 minutes, use the conversion formula to find

\[ H = \frac{M}{60} = \frac{456}{60} = 7.6 \text { hours}\]

Calculators relating hours, minutes, and seconds?

This calculator converts hours to minutes, which often times is easy to just do by holding the required division mentally.

The other way around, you may want to use this minutes to hours calculator, if you have minutes you would like to convert into hours.

For example, you are the human resources manager and a certain employee shows 9660 minutes worked during the last month, and you need to convert that to hours, to pay the person based on his hourly wage.

On other hand, a conversion from hours to seconds, or seconds to hours will present more difficulties to be done in your mind because the constants involved a more extreme, and somewhat hard to conduct

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