R Squared to Adjusted R Squared calculator

Instructions: Use this calculator to compute the adjusted R-Squared coefficient from the R-squared coefficient. Please input the R-Square coefficient \((R^2)\), the sample size \((n)\) and the number of predictors (without including the constant), in the form below:

R-Squared \((R^2)\) =
Sample Size \((n)\) =
Num. of predictors (without the constant) =

Adjusted R Squared

The Adjusted R Squared coefficient is a correction to the common R-Squared coefficient (also know as coefficient of determination), which is particularly useful in the case of multiple regression with many predictors, because in that case, the estimated explained variation is overstated by R-Squared. The Adjusted R Squared coefficient is computed from knowing:

\[\text{Adj. } R^2 = \displaystyle 1 - \frac{(1-R^2)(n-1)}{n-k-1}\]

where \(n\) is the sample size, \(k\) is the number of predictors (excluding the constant).

This solver allows for a R^2 to Adj. Conversion. If you need to estimate a regression model, please use our multiple regression model calculator .

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