McNemar’s Test Calculator

Instructions: This calculator computes the results of applying McNemar's Test to paired nominal data, in order to assess the level of association between the paired responses, using the form below:

Column 1
Column 2
Row 1
Row 2
Significance level \((\alpha)\) =

More about McNemar's Test

McNemar's Test corresponds to a test used to test the association between nominal variables, for the case when the nominal data are paired.

Let us consider the following 2x2 crosstabulation:

Yes (Post)
No (Post)
Yes (Pre)
No (Pre)

The test statistics for McNemar's test is:

\[\chi^2 = \frac{(b-c)^2}{b+c} \]

where the test statistic has a Chi-Square distribution with \(df = 1\) degree of freedom. If the nominal variables you are analyzing are not paired, the you should use a Chi-Square test for independence instead.

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