Bar Chart Maker

Instructions: The following graphical tool creates a bar graph based on the data you provide in the boxes below. All you have to do is type your data and also name of the categories. The tool will deliver a bar graph that corresponds to the data entered.

Type the data (comma or space separated)
Type the category names (comma separated. Optional)
Type the title (optional)
Name of X variable (optional)
Name of Y variable (optional)

More about this Bar Chart Maker

A bar chart or bar graph is a type of graphical display suited to exhibit the relative relation of several categories and values associated to them. These values could be frequencies, but it is not always the case (could be other type of counts).

There are other more specialized charts that take the form of a bar chart, such as the histogram of frequencies, where the vertical values actually correspond to frequencies.

How to use this online bar graph maker

The key components of a bar chart will be the categories and the frequencies associated to each of those categories, which you will type in in the form above. This graphing tool will use the data you provide to create a nicely formatted bar graph.

One cool thing this grapher does is that it allows you provide a custom title as well as adding custom graph labels.

How do you create a bar graph

Creating a bar graph is simple: All you need to do is to place the categories on the x-axis, and the frequencies on the y-axis, and assign a bar to each of the categories, where the height of the bar is simply the frequency associated to that specific category.

Other possible graph creators you can use are our Pareto chart maker, line chart maker, pie chart maker or histogram maker.

How do you do a bar graph with error bars?

A bar graph is a great tool to assess differences in the frequency distribution of several groups, but often time, it does not give enough information about the variability within those bars, when appropriate. That is a potential use for error bars in a bar chart.

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