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Using this Meter to Feet Conversion Tool

The main objective of this metric conversion tool is to perform a very simple calculation, which is to convert a given length, that is given in meters to the equivalent length in feet.

This conversion may appear as unnecessary, but it is not, because fills up the gap between two different measurement systems. On the one hand, you have the metric system (mostly used everywhere except for the US and the UK), and the imperial system (used in the US and the UK).

When working on your commonly used metric system you would not need a conversion typically, but often times you may need to report to people in other countries who are actually less familiar with your commonly used measurement units.

Metric unit conversions

How do you convert meters to feet

The procedure is not too complex, and without memorizing a formula, you can always deduce it using direct proportionality.

What are the steps for the conversion of meters to Feet

  1. First, notice that 1 meter is the same as 3.281 feet. This is used as your basic starting point
  2. Now, say you have given M meters. You want to know many feet F are equivalent to those M meters
  3. The corresponding direct proportion you need to use is given by \(\displaystyle \frac{1}{3.281} = \frac{M}{F}\)
  4. Solving the proportion shown above, we get the following conversion formula: \(F = 3.281 M\)
Meter to feet conversion

Why would you want to convert meters to feet

Dealing with measurements within the same country does not usually indicate the need to convert units, but when you communicate with someone from a different country, you may come to the realization that they may use different conventions to indicate longitudes and heights.

In the U.S. and England, you will indicate heights like 5' 11", whereas in Germany you indicate them like 181 cms or 1.81 meters. Hence the importance of being able to know how convert meters to feet and feet to meters.

Often times you will want to convert heights in imperial units to centimeters or meters.

Examples: Converting meters to feet

What is 3.14 meters in feet?

Solution: Based on the steps of the processed that were outlined above, we to first indicate the amount that needs to be converted. In this case we are given \(M = 3.14\) meters. The formula for converting these meters into feet is

\[ F = 3.281 M \]

Now, we need to plug in the value of M = 3.14 into the equation

\[ F = 3.281 \times 3.14 = 10.30234 \text{ feet}\]

Examples: Converting meters to feet

What is 1.75 m in feet?

Solution: We need to use the same strategy as the one used in the previous example. Indeed, we need to first indicate the amount that needs to be converted. In this case we are given \(M = 1.75\) meters, and using the formula for converting these meters into feet we get

\[ F = 3.281 M \]

Now, we need to plug in the value of M = 1.75 into the above equation

\[ F = 3.281 \times 1.75 = 5.742 \text{ feet}\]

Other metric unit conversion calculators

Reporting to different countries, adherence to different standards, and many other reasons could be motivating you to make a metric conversion.

You can explore our site to find other metric calculators, such as this meters to inches calculator, or the centimeters to inches, centimeters to feet, imperial to meters or imperial to centimeters. calculators, according to the type of conversion you are aiming to.

Lots of calculators will give you metric conversions, but our calculator will show you all the steps of the way, which is an advantage, clearly.

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