Triangle Calculator for Two Sides Known and the Angle between them

Instructions: Use this triangle calculator to determine a triangle completely in the SAS case. Please provide the two sides and the angle between them:

Side 1 (Valid positive expression. Ex. 3, or 1/3, etc) =

Angle (choose degrees or radians) =

Side 2 (Valid positive expression. Ex. 3, or 1/3, etc) =

How to Solve a Triangle Knowing Two Sides and the Angle Between

This triangle calculator will help you find all the parameters of a triangle (sides and angles), when knowing only some partial information about the triangle. In this case, it is assumed that you know two sides and the angle between them

As we have seen with other cases, there is a nomenclature for this case, based on the information that you have available, which is SAS ("S" stands for side and "A" for angle).

Is is easier to solve a triangle in the SAS case?

Well, each case will present its own difficulties. In the case of the triangle solver for the SSS case, finding the three angles was about using the Law of Cosines, whereas in the SAS case you will need to use first the Law of Cosine to find the last side, and then the law of Sines to find another angle, and the third angle is obtained from the law of the sum of angles.

What happens is that we know that the sum of the three angles will be 180o degrees (or \(2\pi\) radians), so then we only have two pieces of information really, because the third angle we directly derive from the other two.

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