Random Number Generator

Instructions: Use this pseudo random number generator to create a sequence of random numbers. Please provide the minimum and maximum values, and how many numbers you want to generate:

Minimum Value (integer) =
Maximum Value (integer) =
How many random numbers to generate (\(n\)) (integer) =

Random Number Generator

The idea of a random number generator has always has been a bit controversial, because lots of mathematicians argue that the "random" numbers generated by computer software are not really random, but instead are what you would call pseudo random.

Technicalities aside, the random number generator will provide you with a sequence of random integer numbers, from a minimum and a maximum values that you specify. These numbers are pseudo random, instead of proper random values, but they are good enough for several practical uses.

Is this a Random number generator with no repeats

No. The numbers are randomly generated at each step, which means that the numbers could be potentially repeated.

You can use this random number generator with no repeats if that is what you actually need to get.

Is the same as the random generator from Excel?

It is not necessarily the same the numbers generated with Excel, because on the one hand the actual numbers are random, and the method for generating random numbers may differ.

Generation of random samples

You can potentially use these numbers of draw a random sample from certain data, but you can use this generator of random samples to make the process automatic and simpler.

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