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Word Cloud Generator

A word cloud, or frequently also called a tag cloud, is a graphical representation of the a the words that appear in a text in a way that the words that appear more frequently show up more visible than the rest.

The tag-cloud has places the most important (frequently repeated words) with a larger size so they are more prominent. Also, in order to create a less monotone pattern, some words are places in the horizontal direction, and some words are placed vertically.

What do you use a Word Cloud for?

A word cloud will give you immediately a visually clear view of the most predominant themes present in the text you are analyzing, so you can better understand what is being covered overall.

What is the best word cloud generator?

Most word clouds will do the same, which is give you a depiction of the words that appear in a piece of text. The best word tag will be that which shows you very clearly which words are the most frequent one, so that you get a clear impression of the most important themes by taking one look at the chart.

How do I generate a word cloud?

If you were to do the work manually, without the aid of this generator, you will need to create a frequency table for the words. You could do that by tallying the words that go appearing in the the text.

Then, you organize the resulting table in ascending order, and you start placing those words, from most frequent to least frequent in a chart, randomly choosing its direction (horizontal or vertical), decreasing the font size as you go decreasing in frequency.

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