is a passion community put together by math experts devoted to making math transparent and fun. We have been around for over ten years now, developing and sharing algebra, statistics, and calculus solvers, calculators, graphing tools, tutorials, and “math cracks”, with the goal of making intermediate and advanced math concepts and practice accessible for people with an inclination for math as well as those who struggle with it. We also have a section with ongoing articles on math subjects and math learning, which is kept updated with new findings and research coming from practitioners and academics. To-date, we have over 150 tools and growing!

The tools and tutorials provided on our site are designed not only to help people learn and understand math better, but to help people in diverse contexts DO math so that they gain knowledge through doing. In this way, we hope to increase math knowledge in general and serve as a useful resource for everyone who uses our site.

Each of our calculators is simple to use and comes with a clear explanation of what the calculator does, instructions on what sort of information to input, where to insert it, and what to do. For example, our normal probability calculator computes normal distribution probabilities and can also be used to generate a normal distribution graph. We start out with instructions on what the calculator can do, what information to input, and where to type the information, followed by simple form fields allowing the user to put in the desired values and a bright yellow button for “calculate”.

The result show the calculations performed based on the data the user has inserted in order to obtain the numerical and graphical results, as follows:

If you input the wrong sort of data or miss some steps, our tool gives you a gentle reminder to nudge you in the right direction.

The tool is also followed by an explanation about the normal probability distribution in order to help the user understand the result, and what the tool can and cannot be used for.

We have descriptive statistics calculators, mean calculator, standard deviation calculator, median calculator, z score calculator, many types of chi square calculators, t test calculators, gamma calculator, phi coefficient calculator, and many more! We also have developed our signature “math cracks”….“insider” explanations designed to let you crack the math code by opening up math problems in simple, easy to understand, plain English.

Because our experts hail from a variety of math-based disciplines, as diverse as business, engineering, and the social sciences as well as pure and applied math and statistics, we know the applicability and necessity of math knowledge across wide-ranging fields in school, society and professional environments. Our tools help you to read and write the languages of economics, business, math itself, the natural and social sciences, and even the arts (ever heard of the mathematical principles underlying M.C. Escher’s work, for example, or Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”?). “Multiliteracies”, or the idea that modern skills span different discipline areas and overlap, blend, and combine with each other underlies our approach to math. You use the tools, you accomplish your goals, and you learn and understand better than before!

You can use our tools in your academic or professional work, for fun, or even to teach your class, if you are a teacher. Many universities and educational institutions have linked to us, and we frequently receive permission requests to use our site as part of school curriculum. But, we provide these tools to everyone so that they can learn and love math! We also have fun developing them, and hope that you find them useful!

In case you have any suggestion, or if you would like to report a broken solver/calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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