Function Grapher Online

Instructions: Use this Function Grapher Online to type in the function you want to plot. Most common functions are understood by this graph calculator. Type something like "4 sin(x)" or "x^2 +2x-3", etc. The grapher understands "pi" as \(\pi\) and "e" as the Euler constant \(e\), so that if you type "e^x", the grapher will graph the exponential function.

Type the function: \(f(x) = \)
(Optional) Minimum x
(Optional) Maximum x

More about this Graph Calculator

This graph calculator allows you to plot a function \(f(x)\) that you provide, for the given lower and upper limits that you provide.

So what does this chart maker really do? Essentially, it will create coordinate axes and it will plots all the pairs \((x, f(x))\), for all \(x\) within the lower and upper limits you specified.

And you may be thinking "can I plot any function I want?" The answer is yes and no. You can plot ALL the functions that can be written as a simple algebraic expression, that is well defined on the domain you specified. Otherwise the plot maker won't deliver the expected results.

Other specific graph calculator you may be interested in are the scatter plot maker , used to graph points \((x_i, y_i)\) from two samples.

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