Transcribing for Math Content

transcribing for math

Studying at college, you face various challenges. Especially when it comes to disciplines like mathematics when you deal with a lot of problems, and when you want to make your studies easier, it would be a good choice to hire an online transcription service that will provide you with a text version of all audio and video files that you work with. Let us show you how you can get the most out of transcribe software and professional transcriptionists.

What Types of Math Content Do You Deal With?

It is absolutely normal if you know nothing about audio transcription services. Most professors don’t tell you how you can make your studies easier — they just pile you with homework and expect you to provide a flawless quality.

The good news is that these services are really in high demand these days, and you can enjoy them right now. So, what types of math records can you transcribe?

● Lectures;

● Q&A sessions;

● Examples;

● Practice math problems;

● Solution proofs;

● Webinars;

● Interviews

● Seminars, etc.

Transcribing educational audio and videos on your own is not surely a cakewalk. When you hire certified transcriptionists, you save your time for other assignments and receive a guaranteed result according to your requirements.

What is Important For Math Content Transcription?

Looking for decent professional transcription online services, you need to keep in mind some aspects that are important for the quality product.


Whichever method you use (it can be an automated transcription software or human-generated transcripts) and whether you need a verbatim, edited, or intelligent transcription, your document should be as accurate as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to use it for your own purposes or want to publish it somewhere — on your blog, math magazine, newsletter, etc., a high level of accuracy is a must. That’s why you should hire an expert online transcriber who has an appropriate education and professional experience. Regular transcribers are not able to deal with tough terms, acronyms that are specific for your industry, complex formulas and symbols, etc.

Legal Compliance

A significant deal of math content is generated by various educational institutions as well as government, academia, and other industries that have legal purposes to make their audio and video accessible to a wider audience. It goes about regular math learners as well as about learners with disabilities. Federal law in the USA and relevant legislation of other countries require makers to caption their content. So, professional subtitling services are the best solution when it comes to legal compliance.

Workflow Management

If you or your company publishes math content, the chances are that there are many other assignments and projects that you have to deal with. Even when you’re a regular student, you surely have study tasks as well as personal issues. You can’t spend hours converting audio to text, especially when you don’t have specific skills to optimize this process. The file that requires you to pull an all-nighter will be much easier for a professional who is adding subtitles to videos on a daily basis. Whichever method you choose, with a reliable service, this task will be seamless and flawless.

Why Is Math Content Difficult to Transcribe?

When it comes to online transcription service, you can be sure — all industries are difficult to work with until you’re a seasoned expert who knows one’s onions. Even when you deal with such types of content as a gaming podcast, a psychological case study, a regular lecture, etc., it would be better for you to rely on a professional human transcription service.v

But why do most students and educators consider math content to be that challenging to transcribe? There are several reasons:

● Content specifics. First of all, math content (and other STEM content as well) is based on the most complex language in the world of audio and video. Scientists use lots of terms that are quite difficult to convey even with high-quality automated transcription software. You need an expert who has in-depth knowledge about math and a specific topic.

● Accents, noises, and other flaws of the initial file. Most math content is not created in a recording studio with perfect conditions. Some audio and video files are recorded by people who are not native English speakers. Or it may be created for people from different countries and different levels of language proficiency. Professional human transcribers will convey the sense appropriately so that you and your audience won’t waste time understanding what was just said.

● Different focus. If you’re in the math field, you surely have some interesting projects to work on, and you’d like to have content transcribed to reach your goals.

Focus on tasks that you really like, and let professionals do their job. They will finish this task faster and with a greater performance so that the only thing you need is to enjoy your text document!

In case you have any suggestion, or if you would like to report a broken solver/calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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