How to Do Mathematical Research Works Nowadays

Unlike other sciences, mathematicians, apart from statisticians, may find it difficult to gather data and perform experiments on their research topics. Besides, there is a significantly huge chunk of work that has already been done by previous mathematicians. However, that does not mean you cannot conduct math research.

Math Research

The Importance of Math Research

Why is math important? And why is research important? For a long time now, mathematical research has been an important source of concepts in cryptography, calculus, as well as image and signal processing. Aside from that, math research continues to prove existing theories and developing new working concepts in the field. The outcomes are important in solving real-life problems.

How to Conduct Mathematical Research

So, how do you conduct math research in this modern era? As mentioned earlier, a lot of work has already been done. Does that mean that there are many incidents of “copy and pasting”? Not really. However, in many incidents, math research may be a continuation of existing concepts and theories or a quest to disproof an existing mathematical truth.

How to do math research

Develop a Conjure

First, you must come up with a conjecture, a mathematical statement that you seek to prove its falsity or truth. The statement must have the ability to draw interest from other mathematicians. You can then develop a mathematical proof for the conjecture. This is the outcome of your study. These proofs are usually presented to other mathematicians in the form of a paper that is usually submitted to a journal. Fellow mathematicians will then decide the authenticity of your solution and how much the problem is interesting through their peer reviews.

Ideally, a proof is in the form of a chain of logical deductions, beginning with generally agreed-upon truths and ending with your conjecture. Your links must be as a logical result of inferences from the previous links. Therefore, as a mathematical researcher, you should construct the chain, link at a time. Consider starting from known truth and then build towards a statement that you intend to prove. Of course, you may experience instances of false starts or failing to connect a link to another in your chain successfully.

Using Previous Researches

To avoid getting stuck in the middle of your research, you can always utilize works that have already been done by other researchers. Theories in these works can be used to justify the procedures in your proof. You can also take their chain and apply it in your paper. However, it is always important to properly cite their paper if you plan to use their theories. Also, in other cases, you can choose works that do not necessarily prove your working theory. Although a paper’s inference may not work to support your working theory, you can always adapt the paper and adjust a number of ideas in your paper. The extent of corrections and changes will make your paper look like an original piece with additional features that suits your work.

With the internet technology, you can easily find maths research papers in online journals, among other platforms, that you may use as a benchmark for your work. However, you may be required to pay for a research paper before you can access them on some platform. Nonetheless, these papers may provide you with supporting theories for your works as well as the guideline on how to write your research paper. However, when you find it difficult to complete the study by yourself, you can easily seek help from this site with professional writers. Sometimes, you might be working on a short deadline, or you may be short of the necessary sources for your research. If that’s the case, the best option would be to pay for research where professional writers can do all the groundwork and develop your concept in a custom and personal approach.

Aside from the funding, good math research can help develop your career in many other ways. The respect gained from your peers will go a long way in building your reputation as a good mathematician. Besides, by filling existing gaps in math literature with new theories, you can attract recognitions that may lead to financial benefits. Theories can also be used to solve real-life problems. Therefore, analyze the current literature, come up with a mathematical statement and prove it with a clear chain connecting each link properly.

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