Normal Probability Grapher

Instructions: This Normal Probability grapher draw a graph of the normal distribution. Please type the population mean \(\mu\) and population standard deviation \(\sigma\), and provide details about the event you want to graph (for the standard normal distribution , the mean is \(\mu = 0\) and the standard deviation is \(\sigma = 1\)):

Population Mean (\(\mu\))
Population St. Dev. (\(\sigma\))
≤ X ≤
X ≤
X ≥

More about this Normal Distribution Grapher

You can use this tool to graph an event in the context of a normal distribution. Your need to provide the population mean \(\mu\) and population standard deviation \(\sigma\) and this normal graph generator will highlight the region your are interested in. Also, you can compute the normal distribution probability associated to this event.

This normal probability graph generator will shade the region in the normal distribution corresponding to the event that you specified.

Normal versus T-distribution

Often times you are at a situation in which the population standard deviation is not known. For those case, you will want to use the t-distribution instead of the normal distribution, and then you will need this t-distribution graph generator instead. For the t-distribution, all you need to specify is the number of degrees of freedom.

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