Area and Volume of a Sphere

Instructions: Use this Area and Volume of a Sphere calculator by entering the radius \(r\) of a sphere and the corresponding unit (cm, mt, ft, etc) and the solver will compute the area and volume showing all the steps.

Type the radius of the sphere \(r\) =

More About the calculation of volume and surface area of a Sphere

Use this calculator volume of a sphere calculator with steps. A little bit of background for you to understand the results better. In order to compute the area and the volume of a sphere of radius \(r\) we use the following formulas:

\[\text{Area} = 4\pi r^2\] \[\text{Volume} = \frac{4}{3}\pi r^3\]

Computationally speaking, it is really simple to compute the area and the volume of a sphere, by simply plugging the radius \(r\) in the above formulas. For example, if the radius is \(r = 3\), then we compute

\[\text{Area} = 4\pi r^2 = 4\pi \cdot 3^2 = 36 \pi \] \[\text{Volume} = \frac{4}{3}\pi r^3 = \frac{4}{3}\pi \cdot 3^3 = \frac{108}{3} \pi = 36 \pi \]

which completes the calculation.

What if you are dealing with a circle instead?

For a circle the calculations are different, in which case you should use this circle area and perimeter calculator .

Other geometry-related calculators

We have other calculators to find volume and surface are of different geometric forms. Check our volume of a cylinder , square pyramid calculator and our volume of a cone calculator , to mention some of them.

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