Cramer’s V Calculator

Instructions: This calculator computes the value of Cramer's V. Please first indicate the number of columns and rows for the cross tabulation, and then type the table data:

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More about the Cramer's V Coefficient

Cramer's V is a statistic used to measure the strength of association between two nominal variables, and it take values from 0 to 1. Values close to 0 indicate a weak association between the variables and values close to 1 indicate a strong association between the variables.

The Cramer's V statistic is a symmetric measure, in the sense that it does not matter what variable is placed in the rows and what variable is placed in the columns.

The Cramer's V statistic is computed using the following formula:

\[V = \sqrt{ \frac{\chi^2 /n}{\min(c-1,r-1)} }\]

where \(r\) corresponds to the number of rows, and \(c\) corresponds to the number of columns.

Cramer's V is a measure of effect size. You may also be interested in our phi coefficient calculator, lambda coefficient calculator or gamma coefficient calculator.

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