Nominal Rate Calculator

Instructions: Use our Nominal Rate Calculator to compute the nominal rate with this calculator, by indicating the real rate of the investment (\(r\)), and the inflation rate (\(h\)):

Real Rate \((r)\) =
Inflation Rate \((h)\) =

Nominal Rate Calculation

More about this Nominal Rate calculator so you can better understand the results provided by this solver: The Nominal Rate is the "face-value" rate that does not includes the effect of inflation. When you are given the real rate of return and the inflation rate, you can use the following formula to compute the nominal rate of return:

\[ R = \displaystyle (1+r) \times (1+h) - 1 \]

This nominal interest rate calculator with inflation shows us the way that inflation and real growth determine the nominal growth rate.

You can instead use a solver to compute the real rate, when you know the nominal real rate.

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