Internal Rate of Return Calculator

Instructions: Use this Internal Rate of Return Calculator to compute the Internal Rate of Return (\(IRR\)) of a stream of cash flows by indicating the yearly cash flows (\(F_t\)), starting at year \(t = 0\), and optionally, provide a guess of the IRR:

Type the yearly cash flows (comma or space separated)
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Calculator of the Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

More about the this IRR calculator so you can better understand the way of using this calculator: The internal rate of return (\(IRR\)) of a stream of cash flows \(F_t\) is the corresponding discount rate that \(\r) that makes the net present value equal to zero, or:

\[ NPV = \displaystyle \sum_{i=0}^n \frac{F_i}{(1+r)^i} = 0\]

How to Calculate the IRR Manually

Lots of Finance students asks how to calculate the IRR manually, but in general it is not possible, because in general it involves solving an order \(n\) polynomial equation. Therefore, you will need a calculator like the one you have above, or use a financial pocket calculators, or Excel.

There is not really any way of doing a quick IRR calculation manually. You will NEED to use some calculation, because in order to calculate the IRR, you need to conduct some numerical approximations.

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