DuPont Identity Calculator

Instructions: You can use this DuPont Identity Calculator, by providing the Net Income, Sales, Total Equity and Total Assets in the form below:

Net Income =
Sales =
Total Equity =
Total Assets =

DuPont Identity Calculator

More about the DuPont Identity so you can better use the results provided by this solver. The DuPont Identity is an identity that helps you break-down the factors driving the Return on Equity, which is a very important profitability metric for investors. Du Pont's identity is broken down as follows

\[ \text{ROE} = \displaystyle \frac{\text{Net Income}}{\text{Total Equity}}\] \[ = \displaystyle \frac{\text{Net Income}}{\text{Sales}} \times \frac{\text{Sales}}{\text{Total Assets}} \times \frac{\text{Total Assets}}{\text{Total Equity}} \] \[ = \displaystyle \text{Profit Margin} \times \text{Total Asset Turnover} \times \text{Equity Multiplier} \]

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