Discounted Payback Period Calculator

Instructions: Use this Discounted Payback Period Calculator to compute the Discounted Payback Period (\(DPBP\)) of a stream of cash flows by indicating the yearly cash flows (\(F_t\)), starting at year \(t = 0\), and the discount rate (\(r\)):

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Discounted Payback Period Calculator

More about this Discounted Payback period calculator so you can better understand the way of using this calculator: The discounted payback period of a stream of cash flows \(F_t\) is number of years it takes a project to break even, considering discounted cash flows. Typically, projects require a cash outlay at the beginning (\(t = 0\)), and they typically receive positive cash inflows until the amount received equals the initial outlay. They time that takes is called payback period

If appropriate, you can ignore the discount rate and use this payback period calculator that does not use discounted flows, but the regular cash flows instead.

The discounted payback period is not the only measure of profitability for a project. Another measure of profitability that you can use is the profitability index.

Another related solver you may be interested in using is the Break Even Point calculator.

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