Our site contains a variety of Algebra Calculators and Solvers that can greatly help you with all of your academic needs. Our solvers include expression evaluators, equation solvers, systems of equations, etc. If you have any suggestion about solvers that should be included, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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Origins of Algebra – Where did Algebra come From?

In the beginning The origins of algebra date all the way back to the Babylonians. They developed a system that allowed them to produce calculations in an algebraic fashion. Through this system they were able to solve many problems with linear ...

Who Needs Precalculus Help?

The study of pre-calculus will better prepare you for the study of calculus, which is required of most high school students. It deals with the study of sets, real numbers, complex numbers and the property of functions. It also deals with a lot of ...

Statistics Tutorials – Z Scores

Assume that (X) has a normal distribution, with mean (mu) and standard deviation (sigma). This is typically written as Then, the Z-score associated to (X) is defined as Example: Consider the random variable (X), which as a normal distribution, ...

In case you have any suggestion, or if you would like to report a broken solver/calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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