Squid Game is the top TV series of 2021: Where and why watch it?

I often sit at my laptop in the evenings, since I am a student. When I edit my paper, I'm always turning on a new series or movie because I can't work in silence. I get bored, and a new show helps me focus on the case.

My favorite channel is Netflix. And I recently stumbled across a new one that was interesting to me and I couldn't get past it.

The combination of a sharp suspense thriller and a touching drama has captivated millions of viewers around the world.

So I'll explain in detail what happens if you come across rave reviews about some squid everywhere, but don't understand what it's about.

Squid Game: premiere on Netflix On September 17, a South Korean series was released on the Netflix platform, which blew up social media and fell in love not only with series-lovers, but also those who have never watched them.

The picture in the genre of survival, adventure action, thriller and drama consists of nine episodes, each with almost an hour timing. In less than a month, the series has become the most-watched show in 90 countries. And even more: the project claims to be the most-watched show in the history of the service.

A group of strangers, where each owes millions in local currency for their own reason, voluntarily decides to participate in a game of survival. The winner will receive 30 million euros. At first glance, the participants are asked to pass simple tests, which are based on some kind of childish everyday things. For example, it is necessary to play the game "ride slowly - farther you will be" or for a limited time to cut out a figure from a sugar candy. In theory, the tasks are associated with something pleasant and carefree, but if the hero makes the slightest mistake or does not meet the specified time, he is brutally killed in front of everyone. At some point in each ordeal, a bloody gunfight begins between those less fortunate than others. Also, the plot is not focused on one hero, for whom the viewer is forced to "cheer".

The picture presents several interesting characters, each with their own problems and pain, and the empathic viewer chooses the one who seems closest to him. It is impossible to watch the series on a single emotional wave, and a kind of dependence on the picture appears from the first minutes of viewing: a sense of social experiment and participation in it, bright colorful scenery, associations with childhood.

By the way, it is better not to watch the show at night: each episode ends with the most intriguing and dramatic scene, it is very difficult to make an effort to turn off the laptop and go to sleep. According to Béla Bajaria, head of Netflix's new global television division, the arrival of the next season depends on the project's writer and director, Hwang Dong-hyeok. The series is so numbing that one wonders: could I have made such a deal with life? To try to play by the given rules, get a fabulous amount of money to close debts, support my family and not work for the rest of my life, or die from one accidental or ridiculously made mistake.

Fact: Hwang Dong-hek, the writer and director of the series, tried for 10 years to sell his script, and because of money problems he was forced to sell his laptop for $675. This helped pay the costs and somehow exist.According to Bela Bajaria, head of the new global television division of Netflix television, the appearance of the next season depends on the writer and director of the project Hwang Dong Heck. The series has already been sued, and not for insulting South Koreans or scenes of violence.

South Korean Internet service provider SK Broadband is demanding to pay additional expenses for the maintenance of network equipment: due to the popularity of the series network traffic has increased so much that the local provider can hardly cope with the load.


Explanation of the "Squid Game" ending

After winning, the lead takes Seong home. They throw him out on the street and put a bank card in his mouth - that's where the money is. The password for the bank card is his sequence number in the game - 0456. Next, he goes to the nearest ATM, where he withdraws 10,000 won and sees his account balance is 45 billion 599 million 990,000 won. On the way, he buys a fish from Jo's mother and tries to give her 10,000 won, but she refuses. Then Song returns home and sees his mother lying on the floor. She is not breathing and shows no signs of life.

For a year Seong lives the same life as before: borrowing money, being poor, and not working. One day he is sitting on the beach and a woman comes up to him and asks him very much to buy a flower. Dream buys a rose with his last bit of cash and finds a card with a familiar logo on it that says the place and time of the meeting.

Dream goes to this skyscraper, climbs to the seventh floor and sees Oh Il-nam, the same old man with the number "001. It turns out that he is the creator of this game!

Oh Il-nam goes on to say that he made this game for fun, and that he entered the game because he wanted to remember before he died how much fun he had as a child playing these games. Oh Il-nam kept Seong alive because it was fun to play with him and because of him he remembered things from the past that he had long forgotten. After these words, the old man dies.

The Seong remembers his promise to Kang Sae-byeok, changes his appearance, and takes her brother Chul. He puts him in the custody of Cho's mother, leaving a huge suitcase full of money - exactly half of his winnings.

Sung decides to fly to the U.S. to get his daughter back. On the subway, he sees the same man playing hundreds with another stranger and tries to catch up with him to ask him some questions, but he drives away.

He takes the business card from the stranger and calls the number on his way to the plane. He is asked to play a game, and a dialogue occurs:

Dream: "Listen carefully. I am not a horse. I am a human being. So I want to know who you are and how you can commit such atrocities on people."


Mr. X: "Player 456. Don't make up nonsense."

Son: "That's why I can't forgive you for what you're doing."

Mr. X: "Just get on the plane. For your own good."

The conversation ends, Seong turns around and leaves. End of season.


Season 2 is definitely on! Director Hwang Dong-hyeok initially didn't expect the project to become this popular, and as a result, he didn't even think about a sequel. Things have now changed so much that he's now ready to reveal a new part of his story.

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