Top 5 Best Learning Websites for Foreign Students to Become More Successful

Today, nobody will deny that education is a solid foundation for future success. The development of Internet technologies has provided everyone with a chance to improve knowledge and skills in a certain subject field. Don't know which learning platform to choose among lots of websites? Check the most helpful educational websites for foreign students below.


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2. EngVid

Speaking English fluently is a must for everyone today. Together with engVid, it is as easy as ABC. There are a lot of educational materials for students that can be used for free. Here, you will find 1400 video lessons with useful pieces of advice from native speakers. It is the best place for foreign students who want to learn English as well as native speakers who need to improve their writing or speaking skills.

English video lessons cover a lot of interesting topics. Visitors are offered to choose the level and proceed to the course. Check engVid if you're going to take an exam and get a certificate. Improve your grammar knowledge and do your best to learn new words with the help of competent tutors. You’ll be able to create great essays or speeches.


Find it difficult to choose an actual topic for your essay? Visit website with numerous topics discussed all over the world. Here, you will find videos with talks about different types of technology, entertainment, etc. Choose the topic you are interested in most and watch a video. The site is very user-friendly. So, check the topics of the videos, and be inspired for your next research assignment.

4. CosmoLearning

It is a great online resource for those who want to learn Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Technology, and other subjects. Moreover, here you will find extra-curriculums like Music, Sports, Culinary, etc. There are a lot of courses online you can enroll in. Choose the best one for you and get started. CosmoLearning is a site you can use for free. Both students and teachers visit this site daily to get inspired by interesting topics.


Whether you need to improve your knowledge, prepare for an exam, or study a certain subject, come to this website. It is a good place for students and tutors who want to pass online courses. Here, you should first choose the goal of visiting courses and then look through the courses offered. Check articles, quizzes, and answers to the most frequently asked questions that can be helpful to you.

Learn, learn, and learn if you want to become a good specialist in the chosen subject field. Hopefully, the list of useful websites for students will be of great use to you on the way toward success in a professional career.

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