How to find a math tutor: helpful tips

The math exam is quite a challenging test for both high school and college students. Therefore, students are often using the services of private tutors. Unfortunately, those teachers who announce themselves as professional tutors do not always have sufficient qualifications and skills that meet educational quality standards, know curricula and methodological rules of the lessons. Such a teacher is unlikely to be able to help a student effectively improve his or her knowledge of the subject to the level required for admission to a prestigious technical university. So how can you find your way through the numerous offers and choose a really good math tutor?

After all, a good math tutor must teach the student to think on his own, not give him ready-made solutions.


Why aren't all websites helpful in finding a good tutor?

Start by looking for a math tutor by recommendation - after all, someone has already gone through all the steps of finding a good teacher for their child, just use their experience. If you don't know anyone like that, you will have to look for one yourself.

For the student, Internet resources are an indispensable thing, since many sites are aimed specifically at this audience. So, you can easily find everything here - from essay writing service to platform with tutor profiles. So it is not strange that today the most effective way to choose a tutor is to search for ads on the Internet. In just an hour it is possible to explore a few dozen profiles of teachers, choose a tutor by qualifications, by the cost of the lesson, or by the reviews of his former students. But many sites have too simple registration rules for anyone who wants to get on the list of tutors. And the profile of a professional tutor is no different from offering the services of yesterday's C-schooler from a technical university.

Look for a tutor in mathematics only on those sites where, when registering, the teacher is required to be verified, in other words, to provide diplomas and certificates attesting to his level of qualification. In this way, you can protect yourself to some extent from charlatans who do not have enough experience working with students to offer their services.

Can I evaluate a tutor's work?

Math tutor services, like a product in a store, can be of poor quality. What to do in such a case? We cannot just wait for the results of the exams - if they are unsatisfactory, the assessment is no longer useful.

Evaluating the work of a math tutor by the reviews of former students is not the best way to choose a good teacher. If you read the reviews carefully, you will notice that they are filled with emotion and personal sympathy. You can read that the tutor is not late, always checks the homework, does not shorten lessons, does not raise the price, listens to the requests of parents. But there is no talk about the level of teaching in these reviews.

Statistics on student success in exams. This is an important indicator, but still, this data does not accurately reflect the professionalism and quality of your math tutor. The level of a student's abilities, the depth of gaps in the subject, and a variety of other factors influence exam grades despite the efforts of even the best tutor. " The tutor can "save" not every student and not in every situation. Only an expert in the field of teaching can objectively evaluate the work of a math tutor.

Tips for choosing a math tutor

It is unacceptable when a math tutor is looking for a solution to a problem in the lesson itself

There is no 100% correct way to determine the quality of work and teacher rating: something can be identified quite easily, and something will always remain "behind the scenes". We offer expert tips to help you to know about the possible difficulties in choosing a math tutor.

Proper methodological work. It is a planned system of actions, creating certain conditions for the best and fastest learning of the student. A very important aspect of mathematics is the correct sequence of learning new material. You cannot rearrange the paragraphs randomly, moving from topic to topic, completely moving away from the textbooks and the school curriculum. After interviewing the student, the teacher should make a clear plan of action for the year, taking into account the gaps he or she has identified.

The quality of your math tutor's explanations. You need to understand that explaining a problem and demonstrating a solution are not the same thing. A good math tutor should not only be able to explain a ready-made solution to a student, but also teach him how to look for it on his own, while still being able to properly formulate it. A qualified tutor is working on building a student's math skills, and this is much harder than just showing ready-made solutions.

Quality of work organization. The tutor's organizational deficiencies are often indicative of his superficial attitude toward teaching. If you pay attention to the process of the tutor's lessons, you can notice all this. We are talking about the constant tardiness, postponements, lack of homework, untested individual work of the student. It is worth worrying if, during the lesson you have done only a couple of exercises, class time is spent on extracurricular conversations, and so on.

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