A Historical View of Math and Statistics

In our grandparents’ day, school demands consisted of the three Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic. That was all anybody every really needed to know, unless they wanted to be a medical professional or lawyer, an economist, physicist, or one of the other math-heavy professions that only a small percentage of the population aspired to or could access due to their lot in life. Homework help to them most likely consisted of an older brother or sister helping a younger student learn his or her addition tables. Today, the scenario is much more complex.

Math and Statistics in the Modern Era

The diversification and development of society and civilization has completely altered the pattern of the past. Modern society requires high-level and advanced math skills, not only among math-oriented professionals, but the reliance on and use of math has become infused into a multitude of facets of daily life.

Stats Help

Accurately comprehending a laundry detergent commercial or being able to choose the right medication often involves some degree of relying on mathematical understanding in order to be an informed consumer. Beyond that, math-related occupations are now a dime a dozen, although the workers to fill these jobs are not. A thorough knowledge of what used to be considered an elite level of math is now required even to graduate from high school.

Math, and in particular, statistics, is such an integrated aspect of modern life that we don’t bat an eye when our guitar teacher starts talking about the percentage of people who go on to be professional guitar players after years of lessons, or our soccer coach talks about the mathematical probabilities of winning against a certain team.

Math and Statistics in School and Life

Math has become so ubiquitous, it makes perfect sense that math learning is required from an early age and advances rapidly as a student goes through school. By the end of junior high, most students have been introduced to algebra and statistics, and by college, two out of ever three people are required to take at least a college algebra and an elementary statistics course as a general requirement of their major.

We can see that mathematical and, most importantly, statistical reasoning are considered essential skills in modern society. However, education in these disciplines still lags behind, with math being one of the core subjects that students struggle with most. Math and statistics homework help is one of the most important aspects of students ability to success, with parents often unable to help their children the way that they need in order to be successful.

Statistics poses more of a challenge than math, because due to traditionalist roots, pure math is more often the focus of pre-university education, yet statistics is the math skill that is most commonly required of students to complete in college. This pairing of an absence of paternal support and educational and occupational demand mean that most students need to seek statistics homework help at one point or another. Many students rely on tutoring from a young age, and continue with it all the way up through their college years.


Gaining a strong capacity for math and statistical reasoning and practices helps to ensure that a student will have the skills necessary to succeed at school and at life in their chosen occupations. This is partly because math and statistics form the basis of logical thinking for nearly all academic and vocational careers.

Even if a person does not choose a math-oriented occupation, basic statistical understanding is necessary for making informed decisions about everything from which laundry soap to buy to which presidential candidate to vote for. No one should be ashamed of seeking out help to get them through their math and statistics classes in school, and even beyond when they need to understand complex problems and show what they really are able to do when they start having to work to provide for themselves.

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