Test Preparation Advice

Tests are a reality and one that must be dealt with in all facets of life. From parents, friends and other relatives to teachers and even e-books, there’s plenty of test preparation advice doing the rounds. So what does it boil down to?

Test anxiety

Stress Is Your Worst Enemy

It’s true. The more stressed you are the less you’re going to concentrate on the actual questions. You may have studied the text book backwards, but if you can’t stop your hands from shaking then what use is it? Calm your nerves. Don’t sit up late at night and study. Eat a healthy breakfast before you take your exam.

Read Calmly

The questions may look like a jumble in front of you. Take your time to read through them slowly and carefully. Don’t get distracted by the guy next to you who’s already writing the answers. Let your memory go to work. It helps if you take mock test exams prior to the big one. This should show you where your weak areas are.

Be Smart

If the syllabus is very extensive don’t try and learn up everything- unless you have the time. Concentrate more on the areas that you are good at. Hone up your skills in those areas so you can tackle any question from there. Write down formulas and other key points as it helps in retention. Look at the points that you have noted down every day and revise it once. Soon you won’t have to look at it at all!

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