What is Calculus?

Calculus is a form of mathematical study that deals with limits, integrals, derivatives and infinite series’. It is the next step for anyone who has studied pre-calculus. It takes the properties of algebra and trigonometry one step further and should be considered advanced. It consists of two main branches which can be defined as differential calculus and integral calculus. These are related to the fundamental theorem of calculus. Applied differential calculus includes complex computations involving velocity and acceleration, optimization and the slope of a curve. Applied integral calculus includes complicated calculations involving area, center of mass, work, volume, length of arc and pressure. Calculus is also used to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of time, space and motion.

What are the common concepts and terms I’ll need to know?

To study this course, you shall be required to be familiar with various mathematical concepts. These include the Cartesian plane and functions, Limits, Differentiation and its applications as well as Integration and its applications and techniques. Knowledge of exponential and logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions is also useful. Many of the used unknown terms include continuum, infinitesimal and distribution theory. These words are all associated with the field and the knowledge of them will help you to better understand the concept.

What are the practical uses of Calculus?

Calculus has many uses in real life scenarios. Any work-related problems that can be solved using a mathematical formula, will be addressed using theories learned in this study. Calculus processes are used in various interesting fields on a regular basis. These fields include physical sciences, computer sciences, economics, business, medical fields and many more. Basically any form of work that deals with numbers, uses this form of mathematics on a regular basis.

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